Igniting Self Awareness Series

Join Educator and Shaman, Lee Riddell, as she guides you in uncovering patterns that shape the way you perceive the world and in creating life-long tools to direct your life’s path.

Unleashing the Seer Within
Igniting Self Awareness workshops offer an experiential learning process to heighten self-awareness of one’s own leadership style. Visual imagery engages participants in creative conversations, depicts essential elements of effective leadership, and provides a basis for self discovery to further enhance personal leadership development and performance.

Join with others to explore that leadership is a creative – and at times joyous – process of bringing people together to make good things happen.

Find a New Path
Engaging Your Passion.
At the core of leadership is self awareness and the passion you bring into your world. It is this passion that propels us towards our very own unique forms of creative expressions, fields of interests and adventurous curiosity.

Emotional Intelligence
is the capacity to use reason and intelligence to accurately perceive, assess, and regulate emotion in managing one-self and others. Leaders with high EI are more effective at understanding themselves and others, building relationships and social capital, and responding to leadership challenges. Learn how leaders can use EI to more effectively achieve their personal and organizational goals.

Leadership Wheel
is a fresh approach for understanding leadership, learning and change. It is based on the ancient framework of the Medicine Wheel. The Wheel describes five intelligences – intellectual, emotional, intuitive, action and spiritual – necessary for understanding self and realizing one’s full human potential.

Take a New Journey
Developing Leadership Together
Whether local, national or international leadership treks co-create a unique, intensive, and highly interactive program for leaders of varied backgrounds. Leadership Trekking combines the challenging wilderness environment with leadership development to create a trip that is truly transformational.

Participants experience and apply leadership models that directly influence their performance as a leader.

Through group problem-solving tasks, interactive discussions and outdoor action learning Treks can change people’s lives, time after time, leader after leader.

Internationally Lee has trekked in Nepal, Peru, Honduras, Costa Rica, UK (Stonehenge) and in the US (Moloki-Hi, Adirondacks) and Canada.

Begin the Journey…..call Lee to discuss how to create your own unique Trek.

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Organizational Leadership Consultant: Lee.Riddell@icloud.com