Mindfulness Strengths Based Leadership offers a different perspective for leadership. MSBL brings focus to what is best in the individual, to explore and re-discover what is right within them. Individuals start to feel more comfortable when facing obstacles, improving their well-being, and achieving their life goals.

Mindfulness Strength Based Leadership

Lee works at the mythic level to uncover patterns which shape the way we perceive the world. In a free consultation Lee guides you in the MSBL process of – aware, explore and apply – to integrate leadership strengths to your passion.

Multiple perspectives also provide a more complete analysis, making the results more meaningful and increase the likelihood that it will result in real behavioral change.

Emotional Intelligence can assist you in understanding your emotions and those of others to deepen your engagement with others.

The Leadership Wheel increases your awareness of your leadership style through the lens of specific behaviors and tendencies enhancing your ability to thrive under stress.

VIA Strengths increases our life satisfaction and well-being by introducing effective tools for each of us to learn more about our unique character strengths and our personalized pathways to happiness.

A 360 Inventory Survey engages individuals with their leadership potential and their organization.

By using a wide range of perspectives individuals gain a more thorough understanding of their impact on people they interact with every day.

Briefing sessions add value to the process – developing a wider perspective of leadership, preparing for the inventory,designing action plans, and exploring goals, benefits and likely outcomes.


As an in-demand solo presenter and organizer of high-value panel presentations, Lee has been a keynote speaker and workshop presenter at international conferences and assisted colleges, systems and organizations in growing their own leadership from within.

Organizational Leadership Consultant: Lee.Riddell@icloud.com