Lee Riddell has always been a leader with a heart, encouraging others to bring out their best into the world. She makes a significant impact on the world of leadership by simplifying the unique concepts of leadership and making it easy for people to apply those concepts in their lives.

As a certified organisational consultant and director of a national leadership institute in higher education, Lee focuses on Mindfulness Strength Based Leadership, succession planning, leadership development, strategic planning and program design.

As a shaman she intertwines indigenous wisdom and the contemplative tools of reflection, journaling, deep listening and dialogue into both her personal and professional worlds.

She is a registered dietitian, an herbalist, holds a master in communications and has earned certificates in 360 degree feedback assessment, the Myers Briggs Indicator, Strengths Quest, Emotional Intelligence and sustainability leadership.

As a journalist for Positive News US Lee has covered issues on transformational political leadership, global sustainability, and grassroots change initiatives.

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